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PCI research, evaluation, and validation has never been faster or easier. SearchPCI aggregates, standardizes, and organizes the latest public data from the PCI Council, Card Brands, and participating Service Providers. This state-of-the-art, easy-to-use search experience will remain a free service of the SavvyPCI data platform.

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PCI Source Data

The latest available data, fully attributed and straight from the PCI Council and card brands.

Provider Company Profiles

The latest available information about PCI providers, including company information, contacts, and markets served.

PCI SAQs, requirements, and definitions

All the PCI Council's latest information and details, at your fingertips - no more scrolling lists and cross-referencing disparate information

Marketing info and RFIs

Provider-supplied marketing information and links that help PCI decision-makers make fast, informed decisions and requests for information.

PCI solution descriptions

Information and descriptions provided by both the providers themselves and other SavvyPCI community members.


Provider-supplied Attestations of Compliance are the only official method to document a provider’s PCI compliance.

Responsibility Matrices

Provider- or community- supplied information that clearly delineates the performance obligations of both a provider and an entity/merchant.

PCI Consulting Services

Information about consulting services that providers offer, aimed at informing PCI decision-makers