Reach PCI decision makers
with the industry’s best native ads

Reach users who are actively considering:

    • PCI consulting
    • PCI compliant hosting
    • Approved Scanning Vendors
    • PCI training
    • Personnel screening
    • PCI compliant ecommerce
    • QIRs/POS integrators
    • QSAs/assessments
    • Penetration testing
    • Security solutions
    • PCI outsourcing
    • and more!

We offer the industry’s most unique opportunity to consistently reach PCI decision-makers while they’re actively searching for solutions.



SavvyPCI offers a brand-boosting, highly contextual, advertising environment.

SponsorPCI is native advertising that is highly relevant to PCI decision-makers for whom PCI compliance and outsourcing are top-of-mind.


SavvyPCI’s cloud-based tools help providers reach small and medium merchants, and their trusted advisors, at their moment of decision.

Our audience consists of PCI providers, ecommerce shops, QIRs, QSAs, and small and medium merchants everywhere. All of them are highly motivated decision-makers and influencers, working together to outsource PCI compliance and secure business.

Native advertising channels that get the job done



Your ads (160x600px) will be seen by SavvyPCI users when they’re using our tools. Ads are displayed on every page of search results, attracting the attention of active decision-makers. And, because they use our tools repeatedly, advertising with SponsorPCI helps you stay top-of-mind with the people who need your services.


These ads are featured in the footer of the MonitorPCI emails and logs to attract the attention of your PCI audience on a regular basis. MonitorPCI generates alerts, monthly digest emails, and log entries relied on by merchants and their partners.

The SavvyPCI blog

The SavvyPCI blog is our web- and email subscription-based channel for engaging our audience with PCI-related articles and well-placed ads to PCI decision makers.

*As a beta service, exact metrics will not be available until Q4, 2017.

Available second half of 2017

Free in 2017 to first 300 providers to sign up!

SponsorPCI native ad campaigns

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