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Distribute PCI evidence, at scale

Refresh, authorize, and distribute PCI evidence and data at scale

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Your solution to PCI evidence

SupplyPCI leverages the SavvyPCI data platform to deliver your PCI evidence and data with complete lifecycle, channel, and integration management for your merchants, partners, and prospects

SupplyPCI lets you deliver timely, consistent, and complete PCI evidence and data to your merchants and partners, at scale. It’s a more powerful PCI-specific evidence lifecycle, channel, and integration solution than data rooms, ad-hoc collaboration, and portals, and yet, is simpler and more affordable to use

Key Features

Evidence distribution management

Manage the distribution and sharing of all types of PCI evidence requested by merchants, and PCI data shared publicly.

Merchant request and authorization workflow

Efficiently and consistently manage the ongoing requests and approvals for access to all types of PCI evidence necessary to support merchants in their PCI compliance efforts, at scale.

Channel management

Organize PCI evidence availability, distribution, and authorization by communication channels: NotifyPCI (email), MonitorPCI, and Evidence API.

Solutions and Responsibilities specifications

Manage solution profiles and Responsibility Matrices within SearchPCI, to be utilized as public PCI data by merchants and prospects.

Governance policies

Enforce evidence refresh, authorization, retention, and destruction policies automatically for all PCI evidence, data, and logging.

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Deliver critical PCI data to merchants and prospects

Solution Descriptions

Shorten the evaluation and sales cycle by providing enriched information that tells merchants who you are and how you can help.

Attestations of Compliance

Eliminate custom contracts and audit requests by making it easy for merchants to access your Attestations of Compliance.

Consulting Listings

Reach merchants who need specific types of PCI guidance and expertise with consulting services descriptions and information that differentiate your offerings.

Regional Information

Describe your business and service types, markets served, and languages spoken in addition to providing contact information for each region in which you operate.

Marketing Information

Generate quality leads more efficiently. Make it easy for merchants to find and evaluate your business.

Responsibility Matrices

Save time and be a hero by making it easier for merchants to understand who’s responsible for managing the different requirements.

Lead Generation

Our Request for Information (RFI) prompts engage decision-makers at just the right times to put more prospects in contact with you.

PCI Evidence

Broadcast the latest updates of internal security and PCI documentation to authorized merchants and prospects

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